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"Airhead"... The Founder's  Blog    1st Installment                                 April 15, 2017 

Hi everyone--Glenn here! I know from the tracking app that quite a few of you are repeat visitors. I really appreciate that and I promise to do a better job of reaching out and keeping you better informed about the progress at Aeromancer Flight Design Inc. Most of the returnees seem to be industry insiders and serious hobbyists. This makes sense considering that the website is not very attractive to would-be customers and end-users, being so dense with technical background. I would like to get more contacts and comments though--so even if you are a potential competitor, for heavens sake there must be some info we can share! (In the 4 years since it was issued the Lift-JET patent has proven remarkably robust, with no significant infringements attempted, so I am personally not too shy about discussing technical or business details.)

Getting back to my lack of outreach so far.... The fact is, the last couple of years have been a catastrophe for my family, and these troubles have occurred at the same time that my own personal medical problem has become severe. As a result, I have not been able to push the agenda for the Lift-JET at anywhere near the rate I expected. I will soon either have to find Co-Founders or exit completely.

I have two articles almost ready to post. The first is titled "The Lost Dream--Why the Current Crop of 'Flying Pods' Cannot Succeed." I have really mixed feelings about even posting this article because I am naturally a quite positive person and I just hate the idea of "dumping-on" someone else's dream or project. On the other hand, my lifelong immersion in the subject of 'Personal Flight', and its history, has given me some unique insights that compel me to give an honest opinion. There are sound reasons why the new 'drone-type' flying cars will not be accepted by the popular market. At least, not for many decades to come, if ever.

My second article reads more like a fiction story. It tells the tale of how a flying-obsessed young man starts out in life showing great inventiveness and promise--only to be brought low by the sudden onset of a permanent, crippling, deforming, and very painful disease. It's so debilitating that by middle-age, this fellow (we're talking about ME, of course) is divorced, has spent years being hospitalized and more years of poverty, despair and even periods of homelessness. After rediscovering his (my) passion for flying things, he (I) pull myself together and spend the better part of the next two decades attempting to find a solution to the problem of a safe, vtol backyard flyer. Despite all odds, I was even  able to secure a patent. Sadly, having perfected what has proven to be an ideal, (practical and virtually crash-proof) design--failing health at the eleventh hour is now hindering further development of the project--so this personal Dream of Flight now hangs in the balance. Will a way forward present itself--or will this dream also fade into the pages of history along with every other Backyard Flyer ever attempted?

I am hoping (and also fairly confident) that revealing my personal circumstances won't be taken as a play for sympathy--because it most definitely is not! Instead it come from the idea, that I've been reading a lot about within the "Start-Up Community" lately, that the best way for a micro-sized company to generate interest is to tell your story... As a Story!  Besides, I've nothing to hide or to be ashamed of. My appearance and medical condition can become personally embarrassing at times, but, as they say... get over it. In fact, when that installment is posted and the whole story is told, I don't think I'll be judged too harshly. At least I never completely 'caved-in' and, considering the challenges, that is at least something to be thankful for!

The next blog after that will be a call-out for individuals interested in becoming co-founders of the Lift-JET Project. My hope, obviously, is to develop enough interest with the first two articles that it comes to the attention of qualified candidates, as well as explaining the background of the project in an interesting way.

That's the Plan, anyway, so please....S T A Y    T U N E D !

Glenn Leaver


Circa: 1979. Glenn at around age 23, just prior to the onset of Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS).

Weight: 160 lbs    Height: 5' 11" Production Manager, Pilot, Real-Estate Agent, Inventor

Glenn at 60. Weight: 98 lbs, Height: 5'5".  Showing the result of the ravages of nearly four decades of AS (Ankylosing Spondylitis) as well as Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), severe Scoliosis--and the early signs of MS (Multiple Sclerosis). Management of these symptoms requires fairly high daily doseages of pain-control-medication. While my personal productivity has plummeted, my family commitments have increased, as my severly ill mother's cognitive functions have diminished due to a stroke, requiring 24/7 supervision. I still have a major role to play with the Lift-Jet project--but right now I could use a little bit of help.

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