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Flit-Jet Cargo Drone. 1/3rd Scale Remote-Operated


CARGO Flit-Jet

Egg-shaped monocoque fuselage is retained for its structral integrity and streamlining. Slideable drawers in optional sizes extend on command, Note the 360-degree camera on top--a built-in "attention-light" and speaker facilitates interaction between operator and receiving client.


BELOW: A Roadable Lift-Jet?

RIGHT:  The Roadable Airplane Concept.  While we've never been huge fans of the "Roadable Aircraft" concept, the many recent studies on this topic do seem to support  a rationale in certain circmstances. If, for instance, Personal Flyers were to gain popularity as commuters in  urban environments, certain highly-congested sections at street-level may only be accessable from the ground. As well, a reliable commuter function would depend on all-weather reliability. Since there is no way to make such a diminutive aircraft safe in all weather conditions, a 100% rate of trip completion would require the vehicle to complete those foul-weather journeys in the roadable mode.. Providing this capability to the Lift-Jet would require an additional transmission to deliver power to the front drive-wheel or, alternately, installing electric motors on the front wheel hubs. (Made much easier on an All-Electric Lift-Jet, which is a distinct future possibility). More challenging would be a retract mechanism to withdraw 5 feet from the tips of each Descent-Vane. Solutions may be forthcoming: The University of Michigan is currently experimenting with shape-changing wings, using both mechanical and pneumatic systems.

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